SmartRace is a timing and race management app for SCX Advance.


SmartRace for SCX Advance is packed with cool and useful features to make slot racing a real motorsports at home experience. Drive free practice sessions, qualifyings and races with up to 9 participants.

Precise Timing – Keep track of your lap times down to 1/100 seconds.

Statistics & Track Records – keep track of all your racing data.

Highly Customizable – Set up SmartRace the way you want.

Manage Your Data – Add all your cars and drivers to your database.

Different Events – free practice, qualifying or race: You decide.

Voice Overs & Ambient Sounds – for some real racing atmosphere!


SmartRace is meant for SCX Advance 2.0, which is a feature-rich and beginner-friendly digital slot racing system in 1/32 scale. You can race with up to 9 cars on the same two lane digital track, change lanes by pressing a button and even make pit stops.

Did you know? SCX is also known as Scalextric in some countries (including Spain), not to be confused with Scalextric by Hornby in the United Kingdom.

Powered by SCX

SmartRace for SCX Advance is a manufacturer-independent project that was born out of pure enthusiasm for slot racing and racing in general. Nevertheless, there is a close cooperation with SCX to ensure the best possible compatibility with SCX hardware.

Fast support. At SmartRace you have a personal connection. And you get answers quickly and personally.

Constant further development. SmartRace is constantly being worked on.

Community-oriented. Everyone can suggest new features and they will be considered for future versions.

Beginner friendly. SmartRace is supposed to be fun for everyone – if you’re new to the hobby or an experienced racer.

By racers for racers. There is no big company behind SmartRace, but racing enthusiasm.

Keeping the users in mind. Every new function is implemented in such a way that it is understandable and usable for every user.

Soon available for iOS and Android.