Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SmartRace for SCX Advance cost?

SmartRace for SCX Advance can be downloaded for free with all features enabled. However, there are some limitations in the free version. If you would like to get the whole experience, please consider a subscription which can be found in the app.

I have issues using the app. How can I get help?

You’ll find helpful articles, the official manual and contact data in the support center.

How do I update the firmware of my track?

SmartRace for SCX doesn’t provide the possibility to update the firmware. Please use the official SCX App to update it.

Which hardware do I need?

In order to use SmartRace for SCX Advance, you need a SCX Advance 2.0 slot car track with the latest firmware and the SCX Bluetooth Module. If you would like to use features which require a pit lane (such as weather, damages or penalties), you also need to install the SCX pit lane module to your track.