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Understanding how championships work

If you want to have a series of races with a group of people, championships are the way to go. All types of championships work the same way:

  • You create a new championship (see below for how to do it). It is enough to create it, you don’t have to explicitly start it.
  • You drive a qualification or a race. After it has ended, you save it to any of the running championships by tapping the “Add to Championship” button on the result screen (see screenshot below). This brings up a selection of championships which have still races to run from which you can select the championship that you would like to add the qualification or race to.
  • After you are finished adding the event to the championship, you can start the next race or qualification. If you added a race to a championship and the number of races for this championship is reached, SmartRace will automatically bring up the championship result screen showing the champion and the driver standings.
Race result screen with the possibility to add the race to a championship.

Creating a new championship – understanding the different modes

When creating a new championship, you can select from different modes:

  • Normal – A regular championship. You do a fixed number of races and SmartRace will calculate the points for each participating driver.
  • Exchange – with this mode you can also select a list of cars which should take part in the championship. SmartRace will automatically generate a list of races to make sure that each of the selected drivers has to drive each of the selected cars for the selected number of times. This is the perfect way to have fair championships because the used cars don’t matter as much as they do when one driver uses the same car for every race.
  • Serial Races – SmartRace will generate a list of races from the selected drivers and controllers and make sure that each driver has to use each of the selected controllers for the selected number of times.
  • Party Mode – SmartRace will generate a list of races to make sure that each driver races against everyone at least once. Races will always only have to racers in it.

In addition to the mode selection described above, you also have some more settings to consider when creating a championship.


  • Absolved Races detection – If you select “by order”, you must do the races in exactly the order which is displayed in the “List of Races” section in the championship detail view (which is visible after you have created it). If you select “by assignment”, SmartRace will automatically detect which of the races was done by the assignments which were used for it. Only available for modes “Exchange” and “Serial Races”.
  • Point System – you can select from two different point systems. This can also be changed later, since SmartRace calculates the points dynamically when opening the championship detail view.
  • Extra Points for fastest Lap – if you set any other value than 0 for this setting, SmartRace will add the configured amount of points for any race which is added to the championship for the driver who did the fastest lap in this race. Example: You configure 2 extra points here. Marc did the fastest lap in 3 out of 12 championship races, resulting in a total of 6 extra points for him.
  • Extra Points for Pole Position – if you add a qualification to a championship (which works the same way as adding a race to a championship), the driver who is on pole for this qualification will gain the configured amount of extra points for it.
  • Participants – select which drivers should take part in the championship. You can select drivers by tapping on them. Selected drivers receive a yellow highlighting.
  • Cars – select which cars should take part in the championship. Only available for mode “Exchange”.
  • Controllers – select which controllers should take part in the championship. Only available for modes “Exchange” and “Serial Races”.
  • How often should each driver race each car/controlleronly available for modes “Exchange” and “Serial Races”.

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