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Pairing & Assigning

In order to be able to race properly, you have to do two things:

  • Pair controllers with cars – this is the process in which the controller is actually physically linked to a car of your choice. This enables SmartRace to correctly track all cars.
  • Assign cars and drivers – this is a software-only process in SmartRace to let the app know which car and driver (that you added to the respective database before) should be displayed in the app. This is also necessary to record proper track records.

Pair controllers with Cars

Although this is about linking the controller to the car on a physical level, this process must be still be done through the app. Go to the “Pair Controllers” section in the main menu (under “Configure”) and follow the steps described there. Once you have gone through the process, your car is linked to a controller with a certain ID, which is displayed at the end of the process.

Please note: Although the manual of SCX Advance mentions that you can actually link controllers to cars without any app, this will not work if you plan to use SmartRace. If the pairing process is not done through the app, SmartRace won’t know anything about the pairing and will thus not be able to track the car correctly.

Assign Cars and Drivers

Once you have done the pairing, you can assign a car and a driver to the ID you’ve just paired. This does not influence the physical pairing in any way, but is meant for displaying and collecting statistics. If you would like to add cars and drivers, go to the respective section in the main menu under the “Manage” category. If you have already added cars and drivers, go to “Controller Assignments” in the “Configure” section in the main menu to assign them.

The assignment screen shows three columns:

  • The first column shows the assignments. By default it’s “unassigned” for both car and driver for each controller, because the app doesn’t do any assignments on its own.
  • The second column lists all available drivers from your drivers database. You can also sort and filter if you have many drivers in your database.
  • The third column lists all available cars from your cars database. It proves the same (and more) filters as the driver column.

If you’re wondering where the colors for the controllers in the first column of the assignment screen, come from, you can head to the “Controller Colors” section in the main menu to change the display color for each controller. This color will be used on different places throughout the app, including the race screen. Please note that this color can be overridden by the assigned car if it has a color specified in the car database).

To make an assignment, first tap the controller you wish to change the assignment for. The number (ID) of the controller is the ID you’ve paired in the previous step (see above for how to pair controllers and cars). If you tapped the controller, it will have a yellow background to let you know it’s selected. Afterwards, you tap a driver and a car. The first column will be updated immediately with your selection. If you want to change an assignment, just pick a different driver or car by tapping the item from the list. If you want to undo an assignment, tap the selected item again.

After you are finished with all assignments to you want to make or change, please make sure to hit the “Save” button on the bottom of the screen.

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