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Automatic damages for exceeding lap times

If you don’t like penalties so much or would like to spice up races without imposing penalties, you can use the damages module. The damages module is meant for penalizing drivers for slow lap times. Slow lap times could for example happen if a driver crashes out and has to put their car on the track again.

The damages system works basically like this:

  • The driver exceeds the configured lap time – SmartRace inflicts a random damage on them, meaning there is a voice over and a damage icon on the race screen next to the position number.
  • If they don’t repair the damage within the configured time (which means they have to enter the pits and wait until the damage icon disappears), they will be scored as DNF (did not finish) automatically.
  • If they do enter the pits and have the damage repaired, they can go on normally.
  • If they don’t repair the damage before the end of the race, they will also be scored as DNF.
Andi suffered from a damage.

Damages can be enabled from the “New Race” dialog. If you enable damages by setting the toggle, you also have to set up the following options.


  • Necessary Pitstop Duration (seconds) – how long it should take for a damage to get repaired in the pit lane.
  • Damaged not repaired: retirement time – if a driver suffers from a damage they can go on for this amount of seconds until they will be retired from the race.

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