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Understanding penalties in SmartRace

Did you ever wish there was a way to bring more discipline to your race track? Well, you could use penalties like in real life. Penalties in SmartRace can be used to impose lap deduction or time penalties on drivers. Penalties are only available in races. Tap the “Penalties” button on the bottom right of the race screen to open the penalties dialog. The dialog consists of two parts:

  • A list of controllers with assigned drivers – tap a driver to select them for penalty selection.
  • A list of possible penalties – tap a penalty to impose it on the selected driver.

Tap a driver first and then a penalty of your choice. You can impose multiple penalties in one run by tapping a driver, then the penalty then the next driver and the next penalty and so on. When a penalty has been selected for a driver, a little red or green flag will show up next to the controller id in the penalty dialog. As long as you don’t confirm your selection by tapping “Confirm” on the bottom of the screen, the selection is not applied.

The penalties dialog with some assigned penalties.

You can choose from these penalties:

  • Time penalty – this will impose a time penalty on the driver. They will have to go to the pit lane and wait for the amount of time you selected. Time penalties will add up, meaning that you can impose multiple time penalties on the same driver and the seconds will add up. The driver has to wait for the given amount of time and refueling and tire changes will only start after the penalty has been served completely.
  • Lap deduction – this will immediately substract one lap from the lap count of the selected driver (when confirmed).
  • Time Credit – if you imposed a time penalty on a driver by accident, you can revert it by giving them a time bonus. Example: You’ve given a driver a 10 seconds time penalty but really only wanted to give them a 5 seconds time penalty. In this case you would just open the penalties dialog again and select a 5 seconds time credit. Confirm it and the driver will then only be left with a 5 seconds time penalty.

Once you confirm the selection, the selected penalties will be imposed and displayed in the race screen.